Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance, aka Errors & Omissions or Malpractice Insurance, is insurance commonly needed by professional services firms, and companies in other industries, to protect against negligence claims, failure to deliver goods, or for fiduciary reasons. This type of insurance pays financial losses and investigation expenses when a claimant alleges a material loss as a result of dealings with your company. Coverage can be customized to the needs of various companies. For example, for a music licensing company we included a form to protect against accusations regarding intellectual property violations. For construction companies, professional liability provides coverage for workmanship.

The 235 Insurance Latest on Professional Liability Insurance

235 Insurance places E&O for Real Estate agency w/ $3MM sales for <$5,000 per year

A commercial real estate firm approached 235 Insurance to broker their professional liability insurance, which they had not carried previously. The team of brokers at this well-known Chicago company produce over $3MM in sales commission per year. To protect its client, 235 Insurance issued $1MM professional liability insurance with an A++ rated company for under […]

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